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Onsite Solar Construction Admin - Nationwide

Now hiring an Onsite Construction admin for upcoming  Solar Energy projects.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Monitor all employees while clocking in and out. Direct them to sign name and time in/out on timesheet
  • Print out an attendance report every Monday so the employees can verify their time
  • Maintain a roster/sign in sheet of individuals working on the job
  • Verify and keep track of employee’s hours worked each week
  • Collect daily Task Coding Reports from Crew Leaders
  • Enter Task Codes into database based on daily Crew Leaders records
  • Verify and keep track of employee’s receiving per diem
  • Fill out weekly Per Diem Reports (hotel allowance) for eligible employees
  • Submit Accident Reports to the Safety Committee
  • Keep office connex neat and tidy
  • Other Duties as assigned by site superintendent

Required Skills

  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Office, Excel, and other computer databases
  • Must have basic clerical skills such as typing, writing, grammar, punctuation, filing, organizing, and cleanliness in a construction setting
  • Must have good communication skills, speaking clearly and correctly
  • Must be able to maintain order when employees are clocking in and out
  • Must be able to communicate professionally via email with various departments and temporary agencies addressing site issues, employee concerns, and material requests
  • Must maintain confidentiality when dealing with sensitive information regarding employees and issues discussions amongst superintendents, foreman, construction managers, etc
  • Must be accurate and efficient, especially when dealing with work hours and material counts

Pre-employment drug screen & background check will be required, and must be lawfully eligible to work in the US. For more information about this position, contact our Solar Division or fill out the form below.