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Why HardHat?

HardHat does staffing differently. Our focus is on business fundamentals: maintaining an unwavering commitment to service and quality while placing our customers’ and employees’ best interests before our own.

We rise above the discord of an industry that focuses on chasing business metrics to provide true client- and employee-focused service. We are confident that doing so with the highest level of integrity will result in a mutually rewarding experience.

Whether you are a contractor looking to supplement your workforce or a craftsman seeking a career, we look forward to putting HardHat to work for you.

The HardHat Difference
If you’re a Contractor:

  • HardHat’s management team is the finest, most tenured in the industry.
  • HardHat requires an “Eye Test” : that employee be interviewed face-to-face.
  • HardHat employs six OSHA 500-Certified Trainers and a full-time Safety Coordinator.
  • HardHat has the largest database of craftsman and electricians in the Carolinas.
  • HardHat offers flexible solutions and the autonomy to make prompt local decisions.
  • HardHat creates unmatched value.
  • HardHat’s recruiters all started their careers in the field.
  • HardHat is locally owned and operated.
  • HardHat has dedicated Solar and National Accounts divisions.
  • HardHat offers an industry-leading 8-hour guarantee.
  • HardHat provides healthcare plans that are compliant with the Affordable Care Act.
  • HardHat personnel are experts in government compliance.
  • HardHat creates OCIP/CCIP and Davis-Bacon solutions.
  • HardHat’s long-standing culture of integrity promotes loyalty among both clients and employees.

If you’re a Craftsman:

  • You will partner only with the finest, most safety-conscious contractors.
  • You will have the opportunity to work with six OSHA 500-Certified Trainers and a full-time Safety Coordinator.
  • You will benefit from frequent jobsite inspections to ensure your safety.
  • You can choose from a variety of skilled trade positions and employment opportunities.
  • You will work with recruiters that all started their careers in the field.
  • You will have access to training programs and opportunities for advancement.
  • You will be eligible for tuition reimbursement for approved apprenticeship programs.
  • You will work with the finest, most tenured management team in the industry.
  • You will connect through HardHat’s “Eye Test” that requires that every employee is interviewed face-to-face.
  • You can sign up for group Blue Cross Blue Shield Major Medical for full-time employees.
  • You will receive excellent competitive pay and benefits.
  • You will have the chance to work with HardHat’s dedicated Solar and National Accounts divisions.
  • You will be a part of HardHat’s long-standing culture of integrity.