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Solar Array Installers

Solar Array Installers/Racking

Array Installers install the racking and rails used to hold the Solar Panels.


Array installers do the following:

  • Install the racking and rails.
  • Are able to lift 50lbs. Repetitive motion all day.
  • Are able to walk the site all day. Site may have rolling terrain and will not always be flat.
  • Use the proper tools, drill, torque wrenches, ratchet, screw drivers, etc.
  • Are able to withstand the weather, sun, wind, rain. These jobs are built on 25-500 acre sites.


Array installers or racking crews build the racks for the solar farm. You will physically be lifting and setting the racking/rails in place. The rails have to be secured; you do this with various types of tools. This job is an outside job. You will be exposed to all kinds of weather. We work when it is 20 degrees or 100 degrees. Maintaining proper hydration is a must. You have to be physically fit; you will be working 8 to10-hour days. These jobsites are on large tracts of land; you will be required to walk this site several times a day.