National Accounts

HardHat’s National Accounts division works with a dedicated recruiting team on developing successful hiring campaigns to fill construction staffing needs in select cities across the United States. HardHat understands the complex requirements of large-scale, interstate jobs and has built strategies to effectively provide the resources needed to get these jobs done.

Using a combination of personal contacts, public information, hiring websites, and networking skills, the National Accounts team ensures a robust pipeline of skilled employees on call and ready to be deployed. To ensure success, the National Accounts Manager maintains excellent relationships with clients through regular face-to-face meetings and jobsite visits as well as check-ins via phone and email.

Customer Benefits

  • Seamless interaction, including one contact for all your out-of-town and out-of-state needs
  • Dedicated team of professionals to recruit for you and retain just the right craftsmen
  • A company dedicated to safety at all costs
  • The ability to bid larger projects both in and out of town or state
  • HardHat’s stringent hiring practices, including our “Eye-Test” policy
  • Reduced workers’ compensation exposure and overtime expenses
  • Ability to control healthcare, benefits, legal, and regulatory compliance costs