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Carpenters Needed


  • Bridge Carpenters build or repair wooden structures on or related to bridges; maintain power and hand tools; and perform related work as required. 
  • The basic purpose of this work is to maintain, repair and/or alter bridges and related wooden structures for the safety of the public using carpentry.   

Examples of Duties / Knowledge & Skills

  • Builds or repairs wooden structures on or related to bridges using hand and power tools to facilitate the use of bridges and prolong their useful life. 
  • Constructs wooden safety signs and barricades and sets them up on work sites to control or redirect traffic. 
  • Erects and dismantles staging, scaffolding, riggings, ladders, etc. used to gain access to or provide support to structures under construction or repair. 
  • Works on or with masonry in connection with woodworking functions including mixing and pouring concrete, preparing surfaces for cement, operating masonry equipment, building forms and installing reinforcement rods and anchors. 
  • Performs related duties such as cleaning and maintaining tools and equipment; waterproofing bridge gutters, cleaning and lubricating expansion points; and repairing sidewalks.