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CNC Operator/Machinist

We are in need of an experienced machinist that can meet the following abilities:  

  • Ability to set up and operate CNC Mills and Lathes
  • Knowledge and skill with basic hand tools
  • Ability to lift 50lbs.
  • Have knowledge of basic CNC functions.
  • Be responsible for loading parts and cleaning machines daily
  • Have the ability to set zero on machines
  • Ability to maintain work space, change tools, load tools, and load parts
  • Ability to use Calipers, micrometer and tape measure and other basic inspection tools to validate part conformance
  • Ability run autonomously with simple repeat parts CNC lathe or mill
  • Ability to organize and complete required paperwork accurately and on time
  • Must be drug free and eligible to legally work in the United States  

If you have experience and meet the above skills and abilities, please reply directly to this ad or call 336-855-6575 to set up an interview.